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Whether your pet needs help learning his manners or a place to stay for the holidays, Unruffled Paws offers a plethora of services to meet your every need!


Private Obedience Training

Training that caters to your needs.

Receive personalized care from your instructor. Our behavior expert will support you in building your skills and working with your pet to help realize your goals.

Dog Walking

Opt Outside

Walk. Play. Love.

Pet Sitting

Vacation for your pets!

With half an acre of fully fenced in yard, a separate dog run, pet-safe pool, and plenty of love to give, we're happy to host your pets at a home-away-from-home where they're loved like our own!


Meet the Trainer

Dyese embarked on her training journey over a decade ago when given the opportunity to learn under a brilliant trainer who helped guide her towards the career path that she is on today. Dyese has a house full of rescue animals, she is a certified professional dog trainer, and opened her own business in the field.  
Over the years, Dyese has developed a unique training experience that caters to each person’s individual needs while still presenting an opportunity at group learning. Dyese is always hands on, ensuring everyone is truly comprehending the material she has provided, and really makes sure her students and their handlers are having a good time while they are establishing good manners, building confidence, providing multifaceted socialization, and enhancing engagement. A primary component of dog training with Dyese is the fact that she strives to produce a positive learning environment throughout the entire process. During training, Dyese encourages pet parents to examine the relationship they have and the relationship they want to have with their pets. Throughout the course of her lessons, Dyese endeavors to instill confidence in both pet and handler to provide dogs with a foundation of mutual trust and respect that will last a lifetime. Teaching owners how to communicate with their dogs, helping them step up and fill the authoritative gaps in their dogs’ lives, and sharing a wealth of knowledge, Dyese’s lessons leave nothing to be desired.


Dyese and Mike are the absolute best!! They’re both very attentive, extremely communicative (which I absolutely love!), patient, punctual, and not to mention wonderful human beings My Frenchie, Cyrus Bean, loves them both so much and I believe the feeling is mutual I see how much love and care (and hugs and kisses!) they always give Cyrus, not to mention the beautiful photos and videos they always send my way to make sure the Bean is happy and healthy. Cyrus always goes on walks with them and occasionally boards when we’re out of town. I usually send Dyese long messages (essay-like lol) about things I’m worried about, things to watch out for, etc, and she’s always been nothing but a great listener, a caring human being, and super attentive with all the details that I provide. I honestly can’t think of anyone else I’d rather Cyrus Bean spends his walks and time with other than those two



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